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James Joyce

Who was Joyce? What did he write? Life James Joyce was an Irish author, born in Dublin in 1882. His father changed and lost a series of jobs, so the family lived in worse and worse conditions over the years. In 1888 he was sent to a Jesuit college. In this time of his life, …

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Joseph Conrad

Who was Conrad? What did he write? Joseph Conrad was a Polish author, who lived between 1857 and 1924. Life He was born in Polish Ukraine, but he and his family were exiled in Northern Russia after his father participated in a movement for Polish independence. His parents died when he was young; when he …

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Figures of speech

What are rhetorical figures? How are they used? A figure of speech, or rhetorical figure, is a way of using language in a way that is different from the ordinary, to produce certain effects. We can distinguish three groups of rhetorical figures: Figures of sound Figures based on construction Figures based on a change in …

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William Shakespeare

Who is William Shakespeare? What can we say about his plays? Life William Shakespeare is probably the most famous English playwriter. Even though he is so well known, we know very little about his life, because the written sources are very scarce. We know he was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, in England, in 1564, from a …

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